The Label and the Designer

TheJadeTree is a couture art-jewellery house specialising in opulent statement pieces with universal high-fashion appeal. The label caters to fashionistas in India and around the globe by imbibing new materials into jewellery and moulding them with ethereal creativity and promoting sustainability in every collection.

Our Story

The entrepreneur and the heart behind TheJadeTree, Neha Sharma, is inspired by the nuances of contemporary life and culture, experienced through travelling and living in India and Europe. She firmly believes that everything (jewellery) made out of metal can very well be made from materials much simpler, softer and exquisite; which makes “embroidered necklaces” her niche.

Opulent Hand-crafted Statement Pieces with High-Fashion Appeal

Our Vision

Our design philosophy is simple. We believe that a true statement piece should have the power to stop you in your tracks and even blow your mind. We didn’t set out to make run-of-the-mill jewellery, we set out to make amazing jewellery — jewellery to fall head over heels for. And for girls with style and personality, we think nothing less should do.